Saturday, November 23, 2013

Growing Tomatoes During Winter In New York

For years I have grown Tomatoes indoors, it does take a little more time but its worth the effort. The main thing is knowing how to pollinate the flowers, you need the plant to respond like it does with a Bee. Usually in late afternoon the flowers are at the right point I use an electronic massage wand at the base of the Flower and a Q-Tip to catch the pollen dust (it releases a yellow dust), then you rub the Q-Tip on the stamen. Within a few days you can see a small Tomato forming. Each year I add on to the different plants I grow during the Winter months, Strawberries are an easy thing to grow & pollinate, you just have to lightly go over the flowers with a small brush. If you have ever eaten a fresh vine ripened Strawberry you know they are red and sweet all the way thru.

Barkley the English Bulldog playing in the snow

Koi fish swim in circle - very unusual sighting!